Access data, reports and graphs via the Crewmojo App.

If you permission allows, you will see a company tile with a reports icon:

Clicking reports will present you with a list of reports and charts that you have permission to view:

There are two types of reports, Data and Chart:

Report TypeIcon



Report Features:


The report criteria decides what parameters to send to the report server. Each report has its own set of relevant criteria that you can specify.

There may be required criteria for some reports - they will always be present and you cannot generate the report without completing these. There may also be additional and optional criteria available for each report which can be viewed by clicking this icon:


This applies to report data only. Once the report data has returned you may wish to further filter the data. The filters and be on any column and also on multiple columns:


This applies to report data only. Once you have the data after criteria and filtering, you can export the results to your PC in csv format. This format can be opened in Excel or similar.


This applies to charts only. If you see an icon appear when you hover over a chart, clicking on that chart will load the records that contribute to that section of the chart. You can then click back to the chart


This applies to report data only. If there are employee columns within a report, you have the option to send a notification to the employees from the report.

The compose form will allow you to view the recipients, and also remove some if you wish:

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