Giving and Requesting Feedback

Giving Feedback

Feedback is a key feature in forming a culture of praise and accountability. The orange feedback tile makes it easy to give and request feedback from anybody.

The feedback tile has prominent "Give" and "Request" buttons. To give feedback, click the "Give" button.

Next, select the person you wish to give feedback to. This can be anyone other than yourself, and you can select any number of people.

Give them a rating out of 10 (this will contribute to their Mojoscore) and add a comment. Adding the comment is mandatory, as it makes up the actual feedback.

Finally, you can add awards against your company's values if you feel they have exhibited them. This will increase the award tally on the values tile.

Click "Send". You will be notified when they have read your feedback, and they will be encouraged to comment on it.

Note: We have added an option to cc in the recipient's manager.

Requesting Feedback

Click on the "Request" button on the orange tile.

Now you have the option of using a template or a simple feedback request. For a simple request, simply select who you would like feedback from and indicate what you'd like feedback for. You can request feedback from multiple people and for multiple things.

Hit "Request" to send off the request.

Feedback templates are suitable for more specific feedback situations. Click on the "Feedback Templates" tab and select the template you wish to use. If there are no templates, you will need to create a new one (shown below).

Select the internal people you want feedback from as usual. With feedback templates, there is the added ability to request feedback from an external party, sent via an email request to them. Click on the "Add" button to bring up this dialogue box:

Filling in their details and clicking "Add" will start a list of external parties. You can remove them from the list with the "x" in the top right corner of their box. Once you have everyone you need, click "Done".

Finally you need to clarify what it is you are requesting feedback for.

Click "Send" to send off your request.

Feedback History

If you have received some feedback at some point, your feedback history button will be in the three dots menu of the feedback tile. If you have not yet received any feedback, there will be a large button on the tile for it.

Feedback history is a simple list of feedback instances; there is no reporting function around this specifically. There are three tabs for given, received and requested.

Configuring Default Question (Admin Only)

In company settings, you can change the question that prompts a 1-10 rating in the default feedback function. This can be done in the "Feedback" tab in company settings.

Anonymous Feedback

Now when requesting feedback/surveys from multiple people, there will be a tickbox option to make responses anonymous.

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