Insights are located on the company tile and are only visible to HR (and managers, but only showing results for their direct reports). It represents the quickest way to asses the overall process adoption and completion within the company. Here we'll run through a quick overview of what the report shows from top to bottom.

The top bar shows the settings currently loaded for the report. By default, the report will be showing results for the whole company, but you can set it to only show results for a particular manager. The report is also defined by a date range. You will need to click "Load" to generate the report again if you change this.

Note: if you choose to show insights for a manager, you can add their indirect reports to be included in the generated report by clicking the "Include indirect reports" button.

Next, you have a row of indexes along the top showing how the company is fairing at various platform metrics. It also shows where the index is trending, which is great for keeping an awareness of where employees' short-term priorities lie. Below the indexes, Crewmojo generates some highlights and recommendations to help turn the metrics into actionable items.

Next, you have the process adoption graphs. This section features a bar graph for each of the major processes in Crewmojo, indicating how each manager's direct reports are fairing. Clicking on any magnifying glass will generate a data grid, which can be exported to csv and filtered by any data point as usual.

Finally, at the bottom there is a "Team Stats" section showing objective completion and happiness and mojoscore history for each team.

Company Reports

Just to the left of "Insights" there is a "Reports" button. This button brings up a long list of specific reports that all generate data grids.

Clicking on any of these reports will require you to enter a date range, then load the report. Certain reports may require additional information to load, simply follow the prompts. Once the report is loaded, it will operate as any other data-grid style report in Crewmojo.


On the "Mojo" tile, there is a "Story" button on the right. The story is an overview of your progress in key areas of performance. This report is also loaded based on a date range that you can set at the top. As with other reports, the magnifying glass shows a data grid for the data it relates to.

Feature Reports

Additional reports specific to features (1-on-1s, snapshots etc) are explained in that features' section of this documentation.

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