User Experience

User Experience

Completing your reviews easy, as Crewmojo lays out all the data for you to work with. This guide will go through the process from the perspective of a manager, since the process is practically identical for employees, just with less data.

Start by navigating to the yellow reviews tile. If you can't find it on the Crewmojo home page, click "Show Hidden" and it will be present there.

If you are required to do a self review, your tile will look like this:

Click on your profile picture and fill out the review the same as a manager would fill out a direct report review. The process and interface will be identical to the manager's process described below.

In this example, John has completed his self review, but none of the other direct reports have.

If I click on Paul's profile picture, for example, it will show that this review is configured such that Paul needs to complete his review before I can review him. I can remind him by selecting his self review from the dropdown on the right, and clicking "Write Reminder".

However, John has done his self-review, so I can complete his review. By clicking on his profile picture I can complete my review of him while completing his self-review.

The drop-down menu on the right side shows all the supporting data I can use to assist my own responses to the questions on the left.

Notice the performance drivers we incorporated into the cycle appear as a part of the review. If applicable, there is more Crewmojo data in the dropdown on the right side.

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