Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update the progress of a key result?

To update the progress of a key result, you can click on the progress bar or click on the three dots and selecting measurement > edit.

How can I assign more than one owner to a key result or objective?

There are three ways to configure this. Click on the three dots next to the key result or objective and select assign > owner(s).

Click on add to select the owners. In this case we'll use humans.

Leaving the "Create individual Key Results for each owner?" unchecked. Configuring in this way will give 100% ownership of the objective or key result to all the owners. This means if it one person marks it as completed, it will be completed for all.

The second way to configure multiple owners is to click the checkbox. This will create a seperate objective/key result for each owner. A great option if you want to avoid people hiding behind each others' work. Also allows you to make use of the privacy settings above.

Third configuration:

How is ownership inherited?

Key results naturally inherit their ownership from their parent objective. However, if you find yourself the owner of both an objective and one or more of its key results, only the top level (objective) will show up on your green tile. In the example below, both the Beatles team and I own the team objective, while John and I own one of the key results.

Instead of both "1,000,000 revenue" and " Win marketing contract" showing up on my green tile, only the objective level will.

Compare that to this team objective where I own one of the key results:

Where only the key result I own is showing on my green tile as a personal objective.

How do I tag an objective or key result?

Click the three dots next to the objective or key result and select tags. You can then click any tags you wish to apply.

Keep in mind that key results will not inherit the tags from their parent objectives; you will have to add them separately. This is to maintain maximum flexibility, allowing people to search by tags and get specific results from a range of key results and objectives.

When Mojobot gives me this option, what does it mean?

Mojobot will ask you this question when your objective is made up of key results all using either financial ($) or numerical (#) measurement. In the above example, currently the objective progress is being measured by equally weighting the progress on each key result (70% and 46%, on average is 58%). If I were say yes to Mojobot's question and measure progress through the sum of the key results, it would look like this:

Now the objective is being measured as progressing towards the goal of 30,000 sales, giving us 54% progress instead of 58%. In this example, this is probably the more accurate way to measure progress, as singles and albums are similar in nature and could be counted together. The below example, however, shows why this is not always the right option:

Since tours and singles are not really comparable, measuring them together with a target of 20,003 is misleading and would make a single tour booking hold the same weight as a single sale. In this case, it would be better to represent progress by averaging the 46% progress on singles and the 33% progress on tour bookings:

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