This integration will allow your team to:

  • Send feedback and praise from within Slack using a slash command.

  • Give feedback from within Crewmojo application will also give the option to publicly praise someone - which will appear in the configured praise channel within Slack.

  • Receive Crewmojo notifications to Slack.

It is assumed that you already have your Slack workspace set up. If not, set this up first by going here:

Crewmojo privacy policy can be found here:

If you have any questions or any issues, please contact Crewmojo at

Enabling Slack integration within Crewmojo

  • To enable Slack integration, you must be a member of the Crewmojo admin group within your company. Ideally you are also a Slack Workspace admin (this depends on the Slack configuration within your company).

  • On the Crewmojo web application only, locate the Company Tile with your company domain/name on it. (Crewmojo integrations cannot be configured using the Crewmojo native apps for iOS or Android)

  • Click the 3 dots on the top right corner.

  • Select Company Settings, select the plug icon up the top to view the integrations that you can enable within Crewmojo.

  • Locate the Slack integration, and click the 'Add to Slack' button. This will take you to the Slack authorisation screen:

Each of the listed permissions are required for Crewmojo to perform the integration as described. If you would like further information regarding these permissions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Should you click 'Cancel', you will be returned to Crewmojo web application and the Slack integration will not be complete.

  • If you click 'Allow', Slack will return you to the Crewmojo web application:

You will also receive a welcome message from Crewmojo to your Slack Direct Message channel.

Enabling notifications to Slack from Crewmojo

To enable Slack notifications, change the value for 'Slack notifications' to 'Enabled':

Crewmojo notifications to Slack will appear for each user receiving the notification from the Crewmojo 'App' within Slack.

Sending feedback as Praise to Slack from Crewmojo

If you are using standard Crewmojo feedback and would like to configure one of your public Slack channels to receive 'praise', simply select the channel from the drop down list. For example:

If you are not using standard Crewmojo feedback, then leave this selection blank.

What is Praise? Praise is simply feedback that is always encouraging and positive in nature - usually in reaction to some amazing work performed by one or more of your colleagues - and you wish to let others in your team know about this work.

If you have chosen a Slack channel to send praise to, then feedback that you wish to send as praise will also be sent to this Slack channel. (editor: dude, I had to read that a few times - but in the end it makes perfect sense and is, in fact, an exquisitely crafted sentence!)

  • If the Slack integration is enabled with a praise channel you will be given the option to send any feedback as praise to Slack:

Sending feedback or praise from Slack

  • To send feedback or praise from Slack, you simply use the Slack 'slash commands': /mojo-feedback or /mojo-praise respectively:

You can send feedback or praise to one or more recipients at a time. All feedback and praise sent from Slack will also be visible within Crewmojo as normal feedback.

  • If you are sending feedback via /mojo-feedback command, then you will be presented with a simple question, and you answer it by clicking one of the three buttons:

If you or any of your team forget what each Slack slash command does, within Slack, simply type the slash command followed by 'help'. Eg /mojo-feedback help

Removing Slack integration within Crewmojo

  • To remove the Slack and Crewmojo integration, simply click 'Remove Slack' under the Company Settings/Integrations tab.

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