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Snapshots function as a way to keep track of your current action items from a range of sources. They also function as a very quick way to check in with your manager without needing to organise a 1-on-1.

Completing a Snapshot

Typically, the only mandatory item in a snapshot is the "How have you felt this week?" question. This is so that they can be completed extremely quickly and regular cadence can be maintained without encroaching on your typical duties.

Action items that have not been completed will automatically appear as a part of the snapshot. Simply click on the field to add a planned activity, unplanned activity, or roadblock.

The three dots option on the right of each action item allows you to make a number of changes to them:

  • Reorder - Change the order of action items within a certain category.

  • Assign - Assign the action item to any human (inc. yourself).

  • Target Date - Set a date to complete the action item by. You can then set multiple reminders to make sure you're on track.

  • Recurring - Have the action item show up in each new snapshot.

  • Notes - Note down anything against the action item.

  • Get feedback - Choose a person to request feedback regarding the action item.

  • Delete - Delete the action item. This will only be available for items you have created.

  • View Meeting/1-on-1 - If the action item was created in a meeting, this will allow you to view the meeting it came from for context.

  • Cancel Assignment - If you have assigned an action item to someone else, this will cancel this assignment so you can then assign it to yourself or somebody else.

By default, when you click "Send to..." your snapshot will be sent to your manager (person on the button). You can change this by selecting "Change Recipients". You can select multiple people to send your snapshot to. Keep in mind whomever you select will become the new default, and you will need to adjust this again next time if you don't wish to keep sending to this person.

Snapshot Received

When someone sends you a snapshot, it will show up a the bottom of the snapshots tile as "Snapshot Received".

As soon you click on it it will be marked as read and that section will disappear from your snapshots tile.

Snapshots Submitted and Received

To look back through your snapshot history, click the three dots in the top right of the snapshots tile and select either "Snapshots Submitted" or "Snapshots Received".

Note that if you have submitted a snapshot to multiple people at once, it will show up multiple times in the submitted history, once for each person you submitted to.

Overdue Snapshots

If your direct reports are delayed in submitting their snapshots, they will appear below your snapshots tile.

Click on "Overdue" to bring up a window you can use to remind them.

Select all the report you wish to remind, and click "Write Reminder".

You can edit this message or send it out as is.

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