Initial Configurations

This section is for HR only.

To configure objectives, click the three lines in the top left corner of Crewmojo and click on "Company Settings".

Scroll down to "Feature Settings". Here you can make some company-wide configurations for objectives. The first is setting a minimum and maximum number of personal objectives your staff can have. This is a good way to guide what kind of expectations you have for personal objective setting.

You can also set the default timeframe for new objectives created in the company. People will still be able to edit objective timeframes as usual, but setting this can help establish a standard and help with alignment.

Next is the Privacy settings for each objective level. This simply sets the default visibility for objectives at each level. We'll go more into privacy later.

pageUser Experience

The other important thing to set up is your tags. Click on the "Objectives" tab in company settings.

Here you'll see a list of tags. Crewmojo comes with many default tags, but by scrolling down to the bottom you can add your own.

Click the plus button to assign the tag an icon. Make sure the checkbox is ticked for the tag to be active (it will be ticked by default).

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