This integration will allow your team to create and easily access Zoom online meetings as part of their 1-on-1's and Team Meetings.

Adding Zoom integration

This process must be completed by a team member that has both:

  • Admin permission in Crewmojo

  • A Zoom account with Admin permission

To add the Zoom integration:

  • Log on to Crewmojo web app

  • Go to Company Settings (under hamburger menu in top left hand corner)

  • Click on the 'Integrations' Icon:

  • Scroll the find the Zoom card and click 'ADD TO ZOOM' button.

  • You will be redirected to zoom to confirm the access you are giving Crewmojo to your Zoom account.

If you accept this access level for Crewmojo to your Zoom account, then click 'Authorize' button.


During a 1-on-1 or team meeting request, any team member with a Zoom account can choose to include a Zoom meeting.

If a Zoom meeting is included then the meeting will contain a link that can be clicked by any participants of the meeting to launch the Zoom meeting.

Any meeting participant that has a Zoom account will be able to act as host of the meeting within Zoom. Meeting participants who do not have a Zoom account will be treated as guests and will require a host to admit them to the Zoom meeting.

Removing Zoom integration

To remove the Zoom integration, go to Company Settings, click on 'Integrations' icon and scroll to the Zoom card. Click the 'REMOVE' button. Any Crewmojo Admin user can perform this action.

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