Logging In

To log in to Crewmojo application

  1. Navigate to https://app.crewmojo.com or the Crewmojo iOS or Android app

  2. Click the 'LOG IN' button

  3. Enter your email address or Username

    1. If your company has a Single Sign On (SSO) integration enabled, you may not need to authenticate if you are already logged in on your device.

    2. If you do not have SSO, then you will be prompted to enter your password.

First time accessing crewmojo from a device

The first time you access Crewmojo from a device, you will be sent an email with an authentication code that you will need to enter when prompted. You will not be able to access Crewmojo without completing this step. This will be for every new device you access Crewmojo from.

Accessing Crewmojo from shared devices

Should you be accessing Crewmojo from a shared device, please make sure that you uncheck 'Remember me on this device'.

This will do two things:

  1. Your session will not be stored when you close the browser

  2. After an hour of no activity in the Crewmojo application, you will be presented with a 5 minute countdown to continue your session or be automatically logged out.

Please note that you can request the period of inactivity be reduced to 1 minute or increased to any duration that you require.

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