Microsoft 365

The integration will allow your team to:

  • See Microsoft 365 calendar availability in Crewmojo and create meeting invites directly with Microsoft 365. This can be enabled and disabled

  • Log on to Crewmojo using Microsoft 365 credentials (SSO). This can be enabled and disabled

  • Enable Crewmojo notifications to be sent to users in Microsoft Teams via a Teams app

Once every 24 hours, Crewmojo will look for employee profile images within Microsoft and update Crewmojo if no profile image has been uploaded

This table lists the permissions to Microsoft data that Crewmojo needs for calendar integration:

Adding Microsoft 365 Integration

To enable the integration, go to Company Settings, click on 'Integrations' icon & add Microsoft 365.

You must have the Microsoft Global Admin permission of Office 365 to enable this integration with Crewmojo.

Upon setting up the integration, you can experience a delay of up to 10 minutes before the integration is active.

Adding/modifying rooms can take up to 24 hours to be reflected.

Make all updates to meetings within Crewmojo as Microsoft has limited bi-directional data exchange. Crewmojo should be your source of truth for calendar updates.

If you experience any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enabling Teams Notifications

Before you enable the Teams notification settings in the integration you need to ensure that the Crewmojo application is available in the Teams Admins Center for all your users.

Sign into and in the Teams apps > Manage apps section, ensure that Crewmojo is available to all users. This may depend on your Permission policies and it may be either enabled by default or you might need to explicitly allow it.

After you have ensured that the Teams app is allowed for your users in the admin center, you can enable the integration setting for Teams notifications. You can select the integration to automatically install the Crewmojo Teams App for a user, or you can let your users install it themselves if they want the notifications to appear in Teams.

If you choose automatic we will only try once to install the Crewmojo Teams App for a user on the first notification they are sent. However, if they uninstall it themselves, they will need to manually install it to re-enable notifications again.

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