Self Configured

If you have a simple data structure and don't require team management, you can self configure the mapping of your csv file within the Crewmojo app.

To initiate the process, click on the 'humans/employees' link on the company tile:

Click on 'Import':

Step 1: Select your csv file and set the date format and if the file contains a header row (ie the column names)

Step 2: Map the columns in your file to the data in Crewmojo:

Let us know if you need help with this!

Step 3: Inspect the listed recordsClick 'Upload Users':

If the upload is successful, you will see:

If the upload is not successful you will see an error message. If you are unsure what is wrong, please contact us.

Your configuration settings/mapping will be remembered for the next time you need to upload.

Your file will be placed in a queue. When processing is complete all users in the 'admin' group will receive an email with a summary of what has occurred.

Depending on the number of users and other processes the processing should only take a few minutes.

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