Note - when setting a proxy all members of the HR team will be notified by email. When using a proxy, all actions are logged.

As an additional security measure, the proxy feature is only available upon request. Please email your request to and we will enable it for you.

Proxies are used when a human can view and perform actions on behalf of another human. For example, a PA could proxy for an executive to set up a 1-on-1 for them.

Setting Proxies

HR can change the proxy settings for any individual by going to their profile. Open the person's profile and navigate to the "Proxy" tab.

Here you can set inbound proxies (humans that can act as a proxy for the subject) and outbound proxies (the humans the subject can act as a proxy for). Click on the "select" button and add the relevant person(s).

The corresponding setting in the other persons profile will show the change right away.

Using a Proxy

Once you have proxy privileges, the person will show up in the side menu. Click on the human you wish to proxy for.

The platform will appear as normal, except with a message at the top to remind you of the proxy status. Click the X on this message to end the proxy session. The session will timeout after one hour, logging you out.

Proxy sessions are set to automatically time out after one hour.


Proxies are allowed to do anything in the platform except view any private notes, or file notes/reviews about themselves.

Only HR can change proxy settings, but they can enable anyone to use proxies.

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