1-on-1s allow reporting data to be accessed in four ways:

  • 1-on-1 history

  • Individual 1-on-1 health

  • Insights

  • Reports

1-on-1 History

1-on-1 history can be found by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the 1-on-1 tile and selecting "1-on-1 History".

Clicking on any individual meeting will show that 1-on-1 as it looked before you closed the meeting. Setting a date range and clicking the magnifying glass will generate a data grid of all the 1-on-1s from that date range. As with all data grids in Crewmojo, this can be exported to CSV with the button in the top right corner.

Individual 1-on-1 Health

The Mojo tile is the go-to for personal data. Click on "Story" to bring up the full report.

Scroll down to the 1-on-1s section. There are three metrics shown in the story: 1-on-1s completed, Unique 1-on-1 activities completed, and 1-on-1 conversations. This data only really works for reference, there is no clicking functionality.

Insights - HR only

Insights are found on the company tile, and is available to HR only.

There is a section in Insights where 1-on-1 health is compared across managers. Click on the bar of a particular manager to filter the entire insights report by only that manager.

Click on the magnifying glass to load up a data grid for the average 1-on-1 health of all employees during the insights period. As always, click on a data point to filter by it and use the button in the top right to export to csv.

Reports - HR only

Reports are located just to the left of "Insights" on the company tile. There are several reports in this menu that tend to be more detailed than simple health metrics.

There are two reports pertaining to 1-on-1s.

Click on a report and set the date range. If you're opening the "Meeting Type Completed" report, you need to select the meeting type you wish to generate data for.

The "All Meeting Types Completed" report shows activities completed in each meeting, while the "Meeting Type Completed" report shows data from within each activity.

These reports can also be exported to csv and filtered by clicking on a data point.

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