Submitted and Received Reports

As shown at the bottom of the "User Experience" page, you can look through your previous snapshots submitted/received using the three dots menu in the top right of the snapshots tile. By selecting a date range and clicking on the magnifying glass, the platform will create a report of all this data for you.

This report contains a column for every aspect of snapshots, including every type of action item. Use the "Export to CSV" button in the top right to download this data in a spreadsheet.

You can also click on any data point in the report to filter only that data. This is great for quickly filtering to the snapshots you give the happiest rating for.


Managers and HR have access to the "Insights" button on the company tile.

Scroll down to the Snapshots section. This will show a set of bar graphs indicating the overall health of each manager's direct reports. Roll over a bar with you mouse to see which manager is represented and the average snapshot health of their direct reports.

Clicking on one of the bars will load the insights tab with only that manager's data.

As with before, clicking the magnifying glass will open a data grid for the whole data set.

In all cases with data grids, the export to csv and filter functions work the same.

Company Reports

The company tile also features a "Reports" button, just to the left of "Insights". There are a number of reports in here, including one called "Snapshots Submitted".

Click on this report and select the date range you with to generate data for.

This report is not as in-depth as the personal one in the snapshots tile, rather it only shows answer to the happiness question and the basic information. There is no data about action items.

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