Journeys are an easy way to automate HR and compliance processes such as probation, on-boarding, Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), training and more.

Journeys are made up of automatically scheduled 1-on-1's, notifications and custom activities.

Configuring Journeys (Admin Only)

Journeys can be configured by HR for the whole company and by managers for their direct reports.

Click the three lines in the top left of Crewmojo and open "Company Settings".

Click on the Journeys tab.

Click "Add a Journey". Give your journey a name and a description and click "Save".

You will then be presented with two initial configurations. The first is the date trigger. The most obvious use case for this is onboarding journeys by setting it to "Employment start date". If you leave this blank, the journey will need to be triggered manually.

Note: We have recently added more options here, allowing you to select specifics dates to trigger a journey or set up a recurring trigger, repeating from a set date.

The other configuration filters who is enrolled in the journey by role. Selecting a role will restrict the journey to only that role.

Now it's time to build out the journey. This is done by adding events. Click the "Add Event" button. You can then select from a delay, 1-on-1, or review cycle.

  • Days, weeks or months delay will allow you to select a period of time to delay the journey for until moving on to the next event.

  • Create 1-on-1 will open a 1-on-1 between:

    • The enrolled employee's direct manager

    • The enrolled employee's 2UP manager

    • A specific manager

You can configure the reminder to only send if the 1-on-1 is still open after a given number of days, or send a reminder regardless. Use the switches to customise who gets reminded and with what message.

Note: You can schedule a reminder a given number of days after the 1-on-1 has closed. This is great for reminding HR when probation or similar meetings have been completed, which may require action from them.

If you need to insert an event not at the bottom of the timeline, click the three dots on the right and select "Insert Event Above".

Once you have finished configuring your journey, click the back arrow in the top left.

To enable the journey, click the three dots next to your new journey and select "activate". This menu also allows you to go back and edit your journey and view the employees enrolled in it.

You can also clone journeys to save time configuring similar ones.

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