Note: There is no storage limit for files uploaded to the documents tile, however uploading excessively large files is not ideal and can put strain on the app.

The Documents Tile

The documents tile is for storing documents that can be accessed by anyone in the company. Once uploaded, documents can not be renamed or changed, only deleted by those with permission.

Click on a folder to open it.

  • Clicking "Add" will prompt you to select a file from your computer to upload.

  • Clicking on a file will download it.

  • The descriptions for the folder and individual files can be changed.

  • To delete, use the three dots on the right (and in the top right to delete the folder.)

  • The "Restrict Content" allows you to restrict access to the folder to a specific team(s).

  • Click on the name of the folder to edit it.


Permissions for documents are organised as such:

  • HR has full control over documents.

  • Team leaders can create folders for any of their teams. They can also edit the contents of this folder.

    • Only members of this team will be able to view to contents of this folder.

  • If there are no team restrictions on a folder, anybody can view it.

Attach documents to a profile

Members of the HR group can attach documents to a human's profile. Open the profile and navigate to the far right tab for "attachments".

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