Teams App

Learn about the Teams integration

Once enabled in the integration, sending Crewmojo notifications to users directly in Microsoft Teams is done via a Teams App and Bot.

When a notification is sent to a user, we determine if it should be routed to Teams. If so we check for the Crewmojo Teams app being installed for the user in Teams. If it is not installed, we install it for them on their behalf and then send the notification to the Teams app via the bot.

The user will see the notification in a one-way conversation with 'Crewmojo'

If a user wants to stop Teams notifications at an individual level they can uninstall the Crewmojo app in Teams. Crewmojo will not automatically reinstall the Teams app if it has been uninstalled.

To re-enable the Crewmojo notifications after it has been uninstalled by the user then they must install the Crewmojo app in Teams from the app catalog.


Please see the contact page for how to contact Crewmojo if you experience any issues with the Teams App

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