Slack - Manual Configuration

These instructions detail how to set up the Slack integration manually, they should be used if the Crewmojo integration is not available from the Slack Applications page

Create a custom application

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click 'Create New App'

  3. Select 'From an app manifest'

  4. Select the workspace you would like to install the Crewmojo app

  5. Paste the manifest json (supplied separately)

  6. Click 'Create'

  7. Scroll down to 'App Credentials', and copy the values for App ID, Client ID, Client Secret & Signing Secret and send to Crewmojo

  8. Scroll further down to Display Information and click to add app icon. Select the app icon (supplied separately):

After receipt of the ID's and secrets from step 7, Crewmojo will let you know when to continue to set up Slack as per normal process:

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