The Values Tile

The values tile can be toggled on and off in company settings. Only company admins can edit values, and thus will be the only ones with the "add..." field on the values tile.

Click on the text of a value to expand it. There are supporting and detracting behaviours that can be edited by admins. Use the three dots on the right to delete behaviours and use the "Add a supporting behaviour..." field to add one. These behaviours are only for the benefit of employees, and do not have any other functionality.

Click on the icon next to a value to update it.

You can search the icon library to make finding the appropriate icon easier.

Finally, the number on the right of a value represents the number of times that value has been "badged" in feedback. When submitting feedback, you have the option at the bottom to badge any of the values, indicating that the person you are giving feedback on is displaying that value. This is a great way to keep track of how engaged the company is with your values.

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