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Timely and relevant information

Easily keep across your team’s top priorities and provide a simple mechanism to raise any blockers. Building a communication cadence for key information helps ensure projects stay on track, risks are raised early, and attention is directed where it’s needed most.

Progress updates are seamlessy integrated with 1-on-1 meetings so you can put an update onto your shared agenda with a single click.

Nurture accountability

Encourage employees to communicate the top 3 things they’d like to achieve in the next week, Crewmojo will prompt them to tick off what they achieved for inclusion in their progress update. Key achievements are automatically logged to their story making performance review time even easier.

Know your team

A simple question each week keeps a pulse on individual and team sentiment. Data can easily be viewed over time to see the real-time impacts of a changing environment. Compliment the pulse with your own tailored questions for teams or individual employees.

Encourage recognition

Each update asks employees if they enjoyed working with another team member recently - the process encourages recognition and values badging in a natural way.

Quickly surface blockers

Provide a simple way for team members to raise blockers so action can be taken for productivity to progress.

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