Okta - Manual Configuration

These instructions detail how to set up the Okta integration manually, they should be used if the Crewmojo integration is not available from the Okta Applications page.

Create a custom application

  1. Click the Create App Integration to start the process of creating the custom Crewmojo integration

  2. Choose Sign-in method 'OIDC'

  3. In the General Settings section:

    • Set the App integration name to 'Crewmojo'

    • In Grant Type, ensure only Authorization Code is selected

  4. Add the following Sign-out redirect URIs https://test.crewmojo.app https://crewmojo.app

  5. Leave Base URIs blank

  6. Choose your desired Controlled access. If you don't know select Allow everyone and untick Federation Broker Mode

  7. Save the form

Post creation settings

Once you have saved the form you will see the saved application settings with more options that need changing

  1. Copy and save the Client ID and Client Secret. They will need to be used later

  2. In the General Settings click Edit on the right-hand top side

    • These settings will allow users to go straight into the Crewmojo app by clicking on the icon in the Okta dashboard.

    • Select 'Either Okta or App' from the Login initiated by

Enable the application in Crewmojo Company Settings

Follow the instructions for 'In your Crewmojo account' to add the Client ID and Secret into the Company Settings in the Crewmojo App and selecting Okta as the Single Sign-on method see here

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