Troubleshooting Logging In

Cannot get access

If you are using Single Sign On (SSO) and having issues logging in, contact your IT department. If this cannot be rectified, contact us and we would be glad to help.

If you are using username/password to gain access to Crewmojo firstly double check the password you have entered is correct. If you cannot log in, then enter your email address/username, then click 'Forgotten your password?' and follow the process to reset your password:

Frequently prompted to log in

If you are prompted frequently to log in, check the following possibilities:

  • The cookies / site data was cleared from the browser

  • A different browser was used (e.g. one time Chrome, one time Edge)

  • The 'Remember me on this device' was unticked when you logged in

  • Your profile was edited by an admin and either your email address was changed or you were deactivated and reactivated.

  • Your password was reset (even from another device)

If you are using Chrome there is a setting called 'clear cookies and site data on exit' which will require you to log in each time you restart your browser because it clears the data required for us to recognise you and your device. It might be worth checking that if you are asked to log in each time you restart the browser.

Normal behaviour is that the session is valid for 4 weeks once you log onto a device, but if you use Crewmojo on that device in the meantime it will refresh the session in the background, so you should normally only be asked to log in if you haven't loaded Crewmojo on the device for over a month.

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