Great news! Our dashboard has been revamped! As of this morning you will see some awesome changes! The new fresh look and feel will allow more flexibility in reference to the organisation of your dashboard; it will assist you to structure your tiles to align with your personal preferences and the way you work. We are excited, hope you will be too!


  • depending on the size of your screen, you can have a maximum of 4 and a minimum of 1 column and unlimited number of tiles within any column

  • create new sections or add tiles

    • click on the purple + icon

    • click on either ‘ADD MORE TILES’ or ‘ADD NEW SECTION’ (please note, you can only add new tiles in accordance with what has been switched on at your company level)

  • rename or remove existing section, click on the 3 dots within the label, select ‘RENAME SECTION’ or ‘REMOVE SECTION’, you can also add more tiles at this stage

  • remove tiles from your dashboard; click on the 3 dots on the tile, select ‘REMOVE TILE’

  • collapse or expand sections, click on the chevron

  • drag your tiles within and between your sections

    • dragging has never been easier; grab top left-hand corner of you tile and drag to any spot you like, you will see a red dotted rectangle to indicate the new position of the tile, drop the tile to your new position

    • the tile will remain in your desired position

Mobile app versions: The mobile versions of the application are limited to 1 column. The editing of the dashboard is the same as the web application.

Migration notes: The tiles on the new dashboard are not exactly in the same position as the old dashboard. Please move them around to your liking using the instructions above. Upon migration to the new dashboard, we have named your main tile area ‘Main’ and your ‘Hidden’ tiles ‘Other’.

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