Company Logo and Background

HR can change the logo appearing on the company tile by going to "Company Settings". Scroll down past the permissions section and there will be options to change the logo and background. Click on an image to change it.

For company logos:

The best file format is .png, preferably 512x512 or better. Square images work best as they will be cropped into a circle.

For background images:

Background images that are roughly square (4:3 or similar rectangles will work fine), ideally 2048px wide or more, work best. Lower resolution images will appear pixelated when stretched out across a large screen.

.jpeg is the best format for photos (photo of your team, office, etc), while .png is better for graphics.

Changing personal background

Any user is able to change the background for their own personal account. This new background will only overwrite the company background for the individual user. To change your background, go to "Profile" and navigate to the "Settings" tab farthest to the right.

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the background image to change it. The recommendations above for files that work best apply here too.

Feature Names

Every feature can be renamed to suit your organisational preferences or style. This can be done in company settings.

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