Pre Configured

If you would like us to preconfigure your import process then please contact us and we would be happy to work with you to agree on the columns and features you would like.

This option would suit you if any of the following are true:

  1. You have a larger number of users (1000+)

  2. You have metadata that you would like to include for your users

  3. You have teams that you would like us to create/manage.

  4. You would prefer a simple upload process.

Creating & Maintaining Teams:

We have 3 methods to create teams:

  1. Reporting line teams - If managerEmployeeCode (or managerEmailAddress) is present we build a team with the manager as the team leader.

  2. Non-reporting line teams - these an be additional columns added to the user file. This is fine for a few team types, but if there are more you need to use method 3.

  3. A separate teams file - this allows for any number of teams. Please contact us for this option.

To initiate the process, click on the 'humans/employees' link on the company tile:

Step 1: Select the csv file on your local computer:

Step 2: We perform some basic validation on the data. If there are no issues, then you can proceed to step 3 to upload. If there are one or more validation issues, you will see:

To view a description of the issues found, click 'View Validation Issues'. Click 'Export to CSV' if you want to keep a copy. You can either correct the validation issues and start the process again, or if the issues are known and acceptable, then proceed to the step 3.


  • If there is significant issues with the file, then you will see an error message and step 3 will not be available. If you are unsure what is wrong, please contact us.

  • If there are thousands of records, this validation process may take up to 60 seconds. Please allow the process to complete before continuing.

Step 3: Click 'Upload Users':

If the upload is successful you will see:

If the upload is not successful you will see an error message. If you are unsure what is wrong, please contact us.

Your file will be placed in a queue. When processing is complete all users in the 'admin' group will receive an email with a summary of what has occurred. If we are also creating/managing teams then a second email will be sent summarising the results of that processing.

Depending on the number of users and other processes the processing can take anywhere from a few minutes to 60 minutes.

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