Themes are customised in company settings, then can be rolled out individually to each feature as you wish.

Configuring Themes

Open company settings and scroll down to the "Themes" section.

Click on "Add Theme". Give your new theme a name.

There are several presets in the "Load Examples" dropdown. These can be used as they are or as a basis for your own custom theme.

Use the colour palette to set your custom colours. The gif below shows the customisation options.

Edit Themes

Use the three dots menu next to your team name to edit it. This menu also allows you to apply the theme to the all features, rather than setting each feature individually as shown in the next section.

Applying Themes

If you choose to apply themes to each tile individually, each theme will be listed in a dropdown menu for you to select for each tile.

Note: "Base" refers to coloured features outside of any tile, such as the status messages the pop up at the bottom of the screen or the + button used to add tiles.

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