Configuring settings for Snapshots

To configure Snapshots, click the three lines in the top left corner of Crewmojo and click on "Company Settings" (or "Team Settings" if you are a manager configuring for a team).

Scroll down to "feature settings". Here you can turn Snapshots on or off, and change their cadence. There is also an option for a "Simple Task List", which removes the need to send the snapshot to a manager. Instead the tile acts as a dynamic task list which can be periodically reviewed and archived.

The third tab from the left in company settings is the "Snapshots" tab. This tab allows you to edit and reorder questions that are part of snapshots.

Use the three dots to the right of a question to toggle reordering and hide/unhide questions.

Adding Custom Questions

Using the three dots menu in the top right corner of the snapshots tile, managers can add custom questions for their team members to complete.

Type in your question and click enter. By default the question will apply to your direct reports. Use the three dots menu on the right to change the question to only apply to a specific person, or delete the question.

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