Objectives Reporting

There are four distinct areas where you can find reporting on objectives.

The first is by clicking on the explore button on the company objectives tile.

This will bring up the "Objectives Explorer" which allows you to search through all the objectives in the company. The options at the top are filters, allowing you to limit by tags, date, owner and status. The objectives that will show will depend on the privacy settings of the specific objective, as described above.

The second is found on the company tile, by clicking on the reports button. This button is only visible to managers and HR.

Click on "Objectives Summary". You will then be given options to generate a report for all the objectives in the company. This will be based on a date range. "Target Date" will result in all the objectives set to be completed in your date range, while "Created date" will give you all the objectives created in your date range.

The resulting report will be in a data-style grid, which you can export to csv.

The third method is accessed by clicking the "Insights" button just to the right of "Reports", also only visible to managers and HR. Here you can filter by date, and by either company or manager.

The two relevant parts of insights are objectives health and objectives completion. Objectives health shows the uptake of objectives for the direct reports of each manager. You can click the magnifying glass for a data-based grid of this data, which can also be exported to csv.

Objective completion works in the same way, with the same data grid behind the magnifying glass that can be exported to csv.

Finally, the fourth method reports for ones personal objectives. This is available to anyone in the Mojo tile. Navigate to the Mojo tile and click on "Story".

This brings up a long report covering most of your activities in Crewmojo. For objectives, this gives you data on your objective completion rate compared to other people's, as well as a summary of your objectives.

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