Announcements are messages sent out to a customised list of humans/teams in the company. They are the letter icon in the top right of the dashboard.

Here you can see the announcements you have received and sent.

To create one, click on "Compose". Select who you wish to send the announcement to, and give your announcement a subject and a message (same format as an email). Finally, you have two optional settings:

  • Require acknowledgement - employees must open the announcement and indicate they have read it. You will be able to see who has acknowledged.

  • Do not allow replies to this announcement - by default, people can leave public comments on your announcement. This disables that feature.

Note you can also attach a file to your announcement if you wish.


In the "Sent" column, you can view specific data relating to who has read, acknowledged, and commented on your announcement. Navigate to the "Sent" tab and click on the announcement you want to view details for.

  • Use the three dots in the top right to edit or retract your announcement.

  • Click on "Show Details" to see who has read and acknowledged your announcement. You can also send out reminders to those who have not yet acknowledged.

  • Click on any of the replies listed at the bottom to view the comment thread.


By default, permission to send out announcements is organised as such:

  • Company-wide announcements - in company settings, announcement permissions has its own category. You need to be in this group to be able to send announcements to anyone. Anyone in the HR group is also able to send announcements to everyone.

  • If you are a manager, you can send announcements to your direct reports.

  • If you are not a manager or HR, you can only send announcements to one person.

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